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About Us ...

Welcome to Our Little Farm.

In the spring of 1999, we bought 3 Barbado sheep to help reduce the amount of mowing we had to do and discovered that we enjoyed watching them and caring for them.  We enjoyed it so much that we started considering raising them. We have a small farm and we wanted to maximize our efforts and raise sheep that were easy to handle and care for and for which there was a good market.

So in the fall of 1999, we decided to focus our efforts into breeding Blackbelly Barbados.  We are worked to develop a flock that meet our standards for high breeding goal.

In 2003 we changed directions a little and have added Katahdin Hair Sheep to our flock.  So we are now in an upgrade program to cross our Blackbelly with Katahdin. 

Also in 2003 we decided to start breeding livestock guardian dogs. We have always enjoyed our dogs.  After seeing our Great Pyrenees , Marty, develop into a great livestock guardian dog we became interested in breeding livestock guardian dogs.  Knowing Marty is protecting our sheep gives us a peace that our animals are safe.  After much research we learned about another breed of livestock guardian dog, called an Anatolian Shepherd,  which we found we liked.  So in September 2003 we purchased Maggie.  We are amazed daily at how fast she is learning.

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 We hope our web site will be informational, educational and fun.  The web site is a simple design to allow pages to load quicker.  Our web site is constantly under construction so please bear with us as we explore and develop new ways to bring information and interact with our readers via the World Wide Web.  Look for more changes in the months ahead.