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Farm Journal 2002

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We start the year of 2002 looking forward to a great year on our little farm.  After 3 years of buying, breeding, selling, and culling we start the year with 12 very good adult ewes and our polled ram we call Nutty (short for Nutrageous.)  Nutty is a great looking polled ram.  We will soon begin to see the first lambs sired by Nutty.  We are looking forward to having some great Blackbelly Barbados lambs this year.


January 19, Irene gave birth to a ewe lamb, Nutty's first lamb.

irene ewe 020119.jpg (82729 bytes)

January 28, we adopted twin orphans.  A beautiful ewe and ram lamb we named Fran and Frankie.  It keeps us busy bottle feeding and caring for them, but it has been a joy.  We had sold their mother, Frances, back in October 2001.  Frances died of Eclampsia.  Nutty sired Fran and Frankie.  Both have great markings.  We will definitely be keeping Fran and hope to find a good home for Frankie.  He looks like he will be a great polled ram. 

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February 6, Glenna, one of our first blackbelly ewes, and one of our favorites, died.  Internal parasites played a role in her death, causing her to be weak and unable to fight off other sickness.  But we do not believe that parasites alone killed her.


February 9, Betty, one of our homegrown ewes, had her first lamb.  She had no problems giving birth and is a great mother.  Her ewe lamb is a very cute lamb, but will not be registerable because of a white spot on the poll of her head.


February 10, we lost Helen's ewe lamb born November 13, 2001.  Just like Glenna, internal parasites played a role in her death, but we do not believe that was the primary cause of her death.

camill and lambs 1.jpg (100438 bytes) camill and lambs 2.jpg (111170 bytes)

March 18, Janet discovered that Camill had twin ewe lambs.  Nutty has sired another pair of well marked twins.