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Farm Journal 2005

Last Update:  March 15, 2005

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We start 2005 with 4 registered adult Blackbelly Barbados ewes and Sarah, a 50% Blackbelly Barbados and 50% Katahdin adult ewe.  They were bred in October for March 2005 lambs.  We kept 10 of our spring lambs, 50/50 Blackbelly Barbados/Katahdin ewes.  We plan on breeding them in the spring for fall lambs.

We also have Marty, our Great Pyrenees, a great livestock guardian dog,

  And Maggie, our AKC Registered Anatolian Shepherd, also a  great livestock guardian dog.  Maggie had her first litter of 9 puppies on December 11, 2004, 6 female and 3 male.

And 12 chickens.

These are our 2004 Spring lambs we kept to breed for fall lambing.

On February 28, our spring lambing started.  Bridget had twin ewe lambs.

March 1, Farica had a healthy ewe lamb.

March 10, Brooke delivered a ram and a ewe.  But Brooke was carrying triplets.  Unfortunately, we lost the third lamb because she was unable to deliver it.  Its legs penetrated the uterus and went into the abdominal cavity.  Brooke could not be saved either.  Brooke has been one of our top breeding ewes and has given us many great lambs.  She will be missed.

Brooke's lambs will now be bottle babies.  We have named the ram, Bruce, and the ewe, Dana.

Bruce      and         Dana

March 11, Sara, a 50/50 Katahdin/Blackbelly Barbados ewe, had our first 75/25 Katahdin/Blackbelly Barbados lamb, a ram lamb.

March 15, Camill had twin ram lambs.

April 12, Rose and Buttercup came to live at Palmer Farm.  Rose and Buttercup are young LaMancha dairy goats.  If they are breed they should be kidding in May.  We hope to get milk from Rose and Buttercup someday.  To learn more about LaMancha Dairy Goat click here.

May 16, goats and sheep didn't go together for us, so we sold Rose and Buttercup.